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My last post for 2010 is the same tree that was posted a few days ago and composed pretty much the same as the other image. Perhaps it was good luck to post the image and wish that I could capture this tree coated in hoarfrost as we had a coating of hoarfrost on the trees yesterday. I was able to get out and went straight for this tree in the nearby farmfield. I would have preferred a clear blue sky, but kind of like the “white on white” look or “high-key” look to this image.

Hope you like the image.


See you in 2011.


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With all the leaves finally off the trees around my rural home, I can’t wait to start shooting “tree skeletons” at sunrise and at sunset again. I think they make wonderful subjects and no two trees ever look the same. This tree was photographed one winter morning a few years ago, across the road from Tiny Marsh near Elmvale, Ontario. I was on my way to Tiny Marsh for some winter sunrise imagery and was about to pull into the parking lot at the visitor’s center when I noticed this beautiful pre-dawn light and fog that lay on the agricultural fields. Without hesitation, I abandoned my initial plans and took advantage of this great light while it lasted.

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