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Horseshoe Lake at sunset


I have been busy catching up on my processing of images captured throughout the summer and thought I would share a collection of sunsets from Horseshoe Lake. The above image was created after an evening session of photographing Bullfrogs at dusk. While I was packing away my gear to begin canoeing back to the cottage I turned around to notice this impressive sunset and cloud formation in the sky. Since I was in the canoe and my tripod was back at the cottage I cranked up the ISO to 800, activated the Virtual Horizon feature on the Nikon D800 and fired away. With no grad filters on hand I exposed for the highlights and later in photoshop revealed a touch of detail from the shadows.

The two images below were photographed one after the other. Since the colours were somewhat lacking on this night I chose to use a Cokin Blue/Yellow Polarizer on the first image to add some colour to the scene. The final image portrays the natural colours as they were that night. Please do take a moment to indicate which of the two scenes is your favorite and why.

Remember to click on the photos to see the larger, sharper version of each.

Horseshoe Lake with Cokin Blue/Yellow Polarizer

Horseshoe Lake un-filtered

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Horseshoe Lake at sunset

One evening while at Horseshoe lake in Ontario’s Parry Sound / Muskoka region I was watching the sky for possible sunset photography when I noticed the clouds were blowing by fairly quickly. Although there wasn’t much in the way of color, I thought the movement in the cloud formations would provide an interesting element to the composition that would make-up for the lack of stunning sunset colors. I knew that I wanted to record the forest at the edge of the lake as a silhouette to hide the boats and docks so I did not use a grad filter to even out the lighting. I exposed for the sky and allowed the forest to go black. An exposure time of 30 seconds recorded nice movement to the blowing cloud formations.

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Just returned from fall colour shoot through Ontario’s eastern region…much editing to do over the next few days. Here is one of my first images processed from trip. This sunset was photographed at Grand Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park’s north-eastern region accessed by Barron Canyon Road. I arrived at the Achray campsite minutes before this sunset peaked. A Singh Ray 2-stop grad filter was used to hold back the sky. Throughout this week I will be posting images from this recent shoot. Hope you like them.

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