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Snapping Turtle_20130615_110105Common Snapping Turtle in Beaver Pond

This week’s SmartPhone Snap is a follow-up to the previously posted Turtle-scape. As mentioned in that post, I first came across the snapping turtle as it was lazily basking on the surface of a beaver pond along the path I typically take my dog Koko for a walk, when I am at the family cottage in the Parry Sound region of Ontario. Since the only camera I had with me at the time was the one on my Samsung S2X I decided to tie Koko to a nearby tree and make my way to the edge for a couple of quick snaps. After taking Koko back to the cottage I went back out to the beaver pond for some additional images with the Nikon D800.

Hope you like this week’s edition of the SmartPhone Snap 🙂

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