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I spent a couple of hours over the last two days shooting various bird-life down at Humber Bay along the Lake Ontario in Toronto. The American Wigeons and Gadwalls have begun to migrate through and the species most common to this location have begun to show up in large numbers. Plenty of Canada Geese and Mute Swans as well as Ring-billed Gulls are present and allow for many close-up opportunities. For many of the images made on these days I used the “Better Beamer Flash Extender” for a little fill flash. This is a light weight solution to getting your flash to go further when using telephoto lenses. The flash output increases about 2 2/3 stops. I find it to be very beneficial on both overcast days and on sunny days. To find out more about the Better Beamer and to order one click here.

Hope you like the photos.

Gadwall Drake – flash blur

Mute Swan

American Wigeon drake

Canada Goose

Gadwall drake preening


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