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This past summer, while returning from my remote boreal forest trip, in Ontario’s far north, I stopped to spend an evening in Halfway Lake Provincial Park. As it turned out, sunset was rather disappointing and the evening was becoming rather breezy with the clouds moving somewhat swiftly across the sky. I walked back to my campsite for the evening on the shore of Raven Lake and noticed these trees and their reflection in the lake and thought they would be a good subject for a silhouette. To add a twist and create some interest to the image I decided to capture the passage of time by adding a 3 stop neutral density filter and shoot a series of exposures at several minutes until the flowing clouds looked just right.

While returning from the same trip I shot the image below on the shores of Georgian Bay in Parry Sound, Ontario. I took notice of these rocks out in the water while I sat eating supper along the shoreline. Again, I thought this would make another interesting subject for capturing time. A 3 stop neutral density filter and polarizer were used to create a 30 second exposure that would give the waves a smooth, mist-like quallity. Thus simplifying the composition and drawing attention to the rocks.

Hope you like the photos.

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After a lack-luster sunrise at Raven Lake in Ontario’s Halfway Lake Provincial Park, I began playing around, extracting compositions with a long lens, creating various impressionistic blurs of trees reflecting in the waters at Raven Lake.

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