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Rio Grande, Jamaica_5471

Rio Grande River, Portland, Jamaica

The Rio Grande river in the parish of Portland, Jamaica is fed mainly by rain fall rushing down from the Blue Mountains. This majestic river was named by the Spanish during their 15th & 16th century occupation of Jamaica. Today the river is a popular tourist attraction for travelers rafting down the river on long bamboo rafts that were originally designed for transporting produce such as bananas from the island’s interior regions. In some of the images within this post, especially the last photo you can see the lush stands of bamboo that grow along the river. On the day I chose to do the rafting the weather was quite pleasant for travel, however the light was a little harsh for landscape photography so I made sure to use my polarizing filter to eliminate the glare from the lush jungle bordering the river. The entire trip down river takes roughly 2 1/2 hours to complete and covers some 8 miles of river. Here are a few photos from the trip down this lovely river. Please remember to click on the photos to see the larger, sharper version of each.

Rafting on the Rio Grande, Jamaica_5443

Rafting down the Rio Grande, Portland, Jamaica

Rio Grande, Jamaica_5479

Rio Grande, Portland, Jamaica

Rio Grande_Jamaica_5553

Rio Grande River, Portland, Jamaica

Rio Grande, Jamaica_5545

Rio Grande River, Portland, Jamaica

Rio Grande_Jamaica_5457

Bamboo growing along the Rio Grande River, Portland, Jamaica

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