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Georgian Bay_BPNP_2119

Halfway Log Dump on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

Earlier this week I held my first-ever Bruce Peninsula Photographic Workshop with fabulous participants in attendance.The Bruce Peninsula is on the Niagara Escarpement, which is designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere.

We began the workshop with a visit to Halfway Log Dump on Georgian Bay and were greeted with a rather pleasant sunrise. The endless cobblestone beach at Halfway Log Dump has always been one of my favourite sights in Ontario.

Our next stop was at Indian Head Cove and the Grotto. The water levels on Georgian Bay are quite high this year and have submerged much of the foreground elements at Indian Head Cove however, there were many stunning vistas to capture, particularly when using wide angle lenses to exaggerate the rugged details along the small cliff face at this location.

Georgian Bay_BPNP_2249

Indian Head Cove on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario



Georgian Bay_BPNP_2250

Indian Head Cove on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

As the end of day approached we ventured over to Dorcas Bay / Singing Sands to photograph sunset. Our first sunset opportunity was thwarted by rain, but on the second night we did have glorious conditions for sunset with pastel tones in the western sky and nice clouds to the east.

Dorcas Bay on Lake Huron in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada

Dorcas Bay on Lake Huron, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario


Dorcas Bay on Lake Huron in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada

Dorcas Bay on Lake Huron, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

Our second morning outing was cancelled due to heavy rain so we opted sleep in, have breakfast, and hold a Photoshop class until conditions improved to get back outside. After lunch the rain had subsided and our trip to Little Cove was a go. A light fog had developed along the Georgian Bay shoreline which was quite pleasing.


Georgian Bay_BPNP_2346

Little Cove on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

The timing of the Bruce Peninsula Workshop was scheduled to coincide with the newly emerging leaves of the forest trees, which tend to present all shades of green for very pleasing forest imagery as well as intimate photographs of the new growth.

Aspen Trees in early spring, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada

New Growth on Aspen Forest, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

Sadly there are many abandoned homes on the Bruce Peninsula, but some of them make wonderful images, especially for applying creative edits such as I did with Topaz Impression for the abandoned homested below.

Abandoned home on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

Abandoned Homestead on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Our final morning was a return trip to Halfway Log Dump for a second chance at sunrise photography. This morning proved to be a better sunrise than the first morning, hence the reason I do make repeated visits to the same locations for sunrise photography. You will NEVER be presented with the same conditions as you had the day before 🙂

On this morning there was heavy cloud cover, but as the sun rose it found enough of an opening to illuminate the pre-dawn sky. After the sun had risen it was blocked out by much of the cloud cover, however, there were numerous shoreline scenes worthy of photographing and some of them would be prefect for creating black and white conversions.

Georgian Bay_BPNP_2522

Halfway Log Dump on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario


Georgian Bay_BPNP_2573

Halfway Log Dump on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario


Georgian Bay_BPNP_2555-1

Halfway Log Dump on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario


Georgian Bay_BPNP_2570

Halfway Log Dump on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

We will be offering the Bruce Peninsula Photography Workshop again in 2020. To ensure you do not miss out on this opportunity please do send me a note by clicking here to be added to my workshop contact list.


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Tiny Marsh teaching Workshop

Join me on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area for a short-notice Teaching Moment Photographic Workshop that focuses on photographing sunrise. Tiny Marsh is located near Elmvale, Ontario on the Tiny Flos Townline Road. With sunrise being at 6:15 a.m. we will meet in the parking lot at 5:30 a.m. This will allow us time to cover some basic information while we walk out along Trotter Dyke to our best vantage points for photographing sunrise. This event will conclude at roughly 11:00 a.m. Since this workshop focuses on photographing sunrise we will depart promptly along Trotter Dyke, so please do not be late arriving. I do recommend bringing both wide angle zooms and mid-range zooms to photograph sunrise at Tiny Marsh.

During this workshop you will learn the principles of photographing sunrise. Topics covered will include composition, filters, seeing the shot and much more. After sunrise is over we will continue to explore other areas of Tiny Marsh in search of more landscape opportunities as well as any wildlife / birdlife opportunities that we may find.

Tiny Marsh is a designated Important Birding Area (IBA) and at this time of year it is a major staging area for numerous waterfowl, geese, trumpeter swans and many other species of birds. While birds will not be our main focus of this workshop do note that there may be opportunities to photograph such species after sunrise. Bringing a long lens is highly recommended for both sunrise and wildlife / birdlife opportunities. While our chances of a stellar sunrise are at the mercy of the current weather pattern of the day, I have often been rewarded with splendid sunrises at Tiny Marsh. One of the best advantages of Tiny Marsh is that there is always something to photograph.

All walking trails at Tiny Marsh are flat and by no means strenuous. High water conditions this year will likely see the boardwalk trail flooded. I would advise waterproof boots in case we check out this section of the marsh.

The cost of this Teaching Moment Photographic Workshop is $65 plus applicable taxes. To register for this event please contact me here for further information. The maximum number of participants for this event is 8.

During Teaching Moment Photographic Workshops you will receive friendly, in-the-field instruction and guidance. Do remember that attending A Teaching Moment Photographic Workshop allows you to earn rewards – after attending 5 of these events you will receive a $50 discount on any future workshop of your choice!

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Mansfield Poster

There are still a few spaces remaining for the Ohio State Reformatory Photographic Workshop on Sunday April 14th. To find out more about this incredible opportunity please click here and to register yourself for this event contact me by clicking here.

Hope to see you there!

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Hatchery Falls on the Skeleton River in winter, Rosseau, Ontario, Canada

Hatchery Falls on the Skeleton River, Rosseau, Ontario

The 2nd Annual Muskoka Winter Waterfall Spectacular Photographic Workshop wrapped up on Sunday February 10th around 12:00 noon. We began the workshop on Friday February 8th at 1:00 pm after driving through a wicked snow squall in Bracebridge, Ontario with near zero visibility. The snow squall left about 6-8 inches of fresh snow on the ground and coated the surrounding forests with a lovely dusting of snow – a perfect winter wonderland was created for photographing throughout the course of the weekend event.

We had four fabulous and talented participants of which three were repeat clients.

We began with a glorious morning at Hatchery Falls near Rosseau, Ontario. As the sun began to rise it cast beautiful soft light on the distant forest behind the Skeleton River, as can be seen in the opening image. It would appear that this waterfall has been visited very seldom this year as we had to blaze a trail through significant snow depth on the ground, but it was worth the extra effort.

Potts Creek_36

Potts Creek, Bracebridge, Ontario

We made two trips into Little High Falls on Potts Creek. The first trip in was on Friday afternoon, followed by a second trip on the Sunday morning. Both days were equally good, but totally different. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly waterfalls and rivers can change during the winter months when ice formations take on new shapes overnight. A light dusting of snow on Sunday morning help to accentuate openings in the thin sheets of ice that had formed on Potts Creek overnight. This can be seen in the above image and two images below.

Potts Creek_31

Potts Creek, Bracebridge, Ontario


Potts Creek_46

Winter River Details, Bracebridge, Ontario


Potts Creek in winter, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Potts Creek, Bracebridge, Ontario

During brief breaks in Friday afternoon’s intense snow squalls the fresh fallen snow created beautiful clean winter scenics.

My choice of gear for this trip was kept rather simple. As usual my Laowa 12mm Zero D lens was given a workout. The Nikkor 28-300mm lens was a close second as it is such a versatile lens and great for capturing icy details along the river. When I needed focal lengths in between the 12mm and the 28-300mm lenses I worked with the Nikkor 18-35mm lens. Every image was photographed using a polarizing filter to help reduce or eliminate glare from the scene. Do note that I said “reduce or eliminate” as not every scene will warrant full polarization. There are times when a bit of glare can be used for creative effect within the composition.

Little High Falls in winter, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Little High Falls, Bracebridge, Ontario

On Saturday afternoon we trekked into Skeleton Falls through 3 feet of snow until we reached the forest where the snow on the ground was much easier to walk through as we made our way down the forested slope to the river.

Winter Details_9918

Winter Details on the Skeleton River, Rosseau, Ontario


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Muskoka Winter Waterfall Spectacular

We still have a few last minute spots available for those that wish to photograph Muskoka’s most scenic waterfalls amid a majestic winter wonderland. The workshop dates are February 8th, 9th, & 10th. The registration fee for this workshop includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, February 9th.

Please click here for more information about this event

Hope to see you there!

For a full list of available workshops please click here. Folks have been signing up regularly over the last few days so please do not sit on the fence too long or you may miss out on these events.

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Lake Superior 2019

Join award winning photographer Andrew McLachlan for an all inclusive, intensive, photography retreat on Lake Superior at Rock Island Lodge. Rock Island Lodge is situated on a seven-acre peninsula along the wild coast of Lake Superior. Capture the true essence of Lake Superior while we walk in the footsteps of the Group of Seven as we explore the stunning scenery of the region.

The Lake Superior Wild & Scenic Photography Retreat will provide participants with 3 full days and 2 half days of photography!

The dates for the retreat are October 30th – November 3rd, 2019 (4 nights).

The maximum number of participants is 10.

Often referred to as Canada’s inland sea, Lake Superior offers the most dramatic scenery available for landscape photography in Ontario. Being well-travelled along this coast I will ensure that you are in the right location at the right time, receive in-depth photographic instruction, and are inspired to capture breathtaking imagery. We will focus our efforts on landscape photography at sunrise and sunset, mid-day photography, as well as starry nightscapes (weather permitting). Mid-day photo sessions to specific locations will based on the current weather conditions that each day provides. There will also be plenty of time set aside each day for image review and Photoshop image optimization instruction. The dates for this retreat were chosen as they coincide with the onset of Superior’s storm season, which often means rough seas and waves crashing into Lake Superior’s rugged coast.

The accommodations for participants during this retreat will be divided between two locations; Rock Island Lodge and the High Falls Motel & Cabins. Accommodation is limited at Rock Island Lodge; therefore, lodge rooms will be assigned to those that register first. Once the Rock Island Lodge maximum is met additional participants will be placed at the High Falls Motel & Cabins for their accommodations. The High Falls Motel is located about five minutes away from Rock Island Lodge.


October 30th:

• Check in at 2:00 p.m. at Rock Island Lodge

• Meet & Greet Sunset photo session at Rock Island Lodge

• Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

• photographic presentation

• night sky photo session (weather permitting)

October 31st, November 1st, & 2nd:

• morning photo session

• breakfast

• free time / mid morning photo session

• image review / Photoshop instruction at Rock Island Lodge

• lunch (either on site or bagged lunch in the field)

• free time / early afternoon photo session

• late afternoon/sunset photo session

• dinner

• image review / Photoshop instruction

• night sky photo session (weather permitting)

• On the evening of November 2nd we will have an image sharing / critique session of your favourite 5 images crated during this event.

November 3rd:

• morning photo session

• breakfast

• participants depart for home at 12:00 p.m.

What’s Included:

• In-depth photographic instruction during each of the photo sessions with LCD review

• Image review and Photoshop instruction

• Accommodation at Rock Island Lodge or off-site at High Falls Motel & Cabins

• Wednesday – dinner

• Thursday, Friday, & Saturday – breakfast, lunch, & dinner

• Sunday – breakfast

What’s Not Included:

• Transportation to and from Rock Island Lodge / High Falls Motel & Cabins

• Transportation to nearby locations within Lake Superior Provincial Park (car pooling of participants is encouraged here)

• Alcoholic Beverages

Workshop Fee:

$1195.00 CDN plus taxes per person based on double occupancy

$1395.00 CDN plus taxes per person based on single occupancy

*If you have attended any of Andrew McLachlan’s workshops in the past you will receive a $50 discount*

To reserve your spot in the Lake Superior Wild & Scenic Photography Retreat a non-refundable retainer of $350.00 CDN is due now.

I accept payment by email transfer or by cheque made payable to Andrew McLachlan.

Please contact me by clicking here to register for this event.

A Waiver of Liability will be sent to registrants, which should be returned with payment of the non-refundable retainer. Closer to the date of this event participants will be asked to fill out the Rock Island Lodge Waiver and inform of any special dietary requirements.

The balance owing will be due no later than July 1, 2019.

Cancellation Policy:

61 days prior to the workshop date a full refund less the non-refundable retainer.

60 days prior to the workshop date or less no refunds.

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Lake Traverse Photography Retreat

Join Andrew McLachlan for an exclusive, weekend workshop deep in the heart of Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park on scenic Lake Traverse for an opportunity to create stunning imagery from this remote, pristine landscape. This event will be held on September 20, 21, & 22, 2019. Lake Traverse is situated in a remote area of the park and is rich in both history and scenery. To reach this remote destination in Algonquin Provincial Park you must enter the park at the Sand Lake Gate. In the early 1900’s lumber baron J.R. Booth established a private lodge – The Booth Turtle Club on the shores of Lake Traverse. Today remnants of this lodge can be found in the woodlands such as impressive stone fireplaces and a rusted old wreck decaying in the forest. The timing of this event will allow for misty sunrises over Lake Traverse and assuming weather conditions co-operate we are in one of the best locations in all of Ontario to photograph the night sky and possibly the aurora borealis. Furthermore, we are situated a short walking distance from picturesque waterfalls on the Petawawa River.

Our accommodations for this event will be at the Algonquin Radio Observatory, located on the shores of Lake Traverse. The Algonquin Radio Observatory is closed to the public and inaccessible. However, exclusive access has been granted to our workshop group for this event. A tour of the immense satellite has been arranged during the mid-day hours on Saturday, when lighting for photography is generally at its worst. Also available to participants is the use of canoes and kayaks during the mid-day hours to explore the lake on your own.

A quick note about the Algonquin Radio Observatory:

The Algonquin Radio Observatory (ARO) is Canada’s national radio observatory featuring Canada’s premiere Earth station facility. ARO is a division of space technology company Thoth Technology Inc. Completed and commissioned in the 1965, ARO’s 46m antenna is the largest antenna in Canada and one of the largest in North America. The observatory is situated on a 100 acre wild and breathtakingly beautiful site in the North of Algonquin Provincial Park on Lake Traverse, deep inside the park. The observatory hosts a suite of state-of-the-art scientific equipment including its own atomic clock and still operates with a state-of-the-art technical capability. ARO is the official ground station for Northern Light, Canada’s mission to Mars.


Friday September 20:

Meet & Greet Dinner at 6:00 p.m. follow by photographic presentation and a nightscape photo session (assuming weather conditions co-operate)

Saturday September 21:

Morning Photo Session (6am – 10am followed by breakfast, tour of satellite, Petawawa River Session, Rusty Old Wreck Session, Evening Photo Session, Nightscape Session (assuming weather conditions co-operate)

Sunday September 22:

Morning photo session (6am – 10am) followed by breakfast.

Checkout is at 11:00 a.m. however, participants are permitted to explore other areas of the park at their leisure for the remainder of the day.

Do Note: Each location we will photograph at is a short walking distance from our home base at the Algonquin Radio Observatory.

What’s Included:

• In-depth landscape photography instruction by yours truly

• Lodging at Algonquin Radio Observatory • Friday – dinner

• Saturday – breakfast, lunch, & dinner

• Sunday – breakfast

What’s not included:

• Transportation to Algonquin Radio Observatory

• A 3 day, daily vehicle permit fee must be purchased at the Sand Lake Gate to enter the park. This vehicle permit will allow participants to remain in the park until 10:00 pm on Sunday.

• Snacks

• Alcoholic Beverages

Workshop Fee:

$585 plus taxes, per person, based on double occupancy.

$625 plus taxes, per person, for single occupancy.

A non-refundable retainer of $250 is due now to secure your spot in this workshop.

Payments are accepted by cheque or e-mail transfer.

The balance owing will be due no later than June 1, 2019.

A Waiver of Liability will sent to registrants at the time of booking, to be returned with the non-refundable retainer.

This workshop is open to a maximum of 15 participants.

To reserve your spot in this exclusive workshop please contact me by clicking here.

Cancellation Policy:

61 days prior to the workshop date full refund less $250.00 non-refundable retainer.

60 days prior to the workshop date No Refunds

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