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Forest Wolf Spider

While processing some recent spider images I decided to pull a couple of additional spider pics from the archives to post a small collection of spider photographs. I find it easiest to photograph spiders with a small flash positioned out in front of my macro lens. The flash allows me to handhold my set-up and also stop my lens down for improved depth of field. Setting up a tripod to photograph spiders is an exercise in frustration unless, like in the image above, the spider is at rest in a location that allows for easy set-up of a tripod. The wolf spider above was photographed while resting on a cedar tree.

Six-spotted Fishing Spider in pond at night

Six-spotted Fishing Spider with prey

The Six-spotted Fishing Spiders above were photographed in the vernal ponds behind my home where I shoot the frogs and toads during their breeding season.

Shamrock Orb Weaver

While searching the field behind my home in late summer for dewy spider webs I came across this colourful Shamrock Orb Weaver.

Brownish-gray Fishing Spider

Brownish-gray Fishing Spider

I find spiders to be fascinating creatures, but none fascinate me more than the Brownish-gray Fishing Spiders that are commonly seen around the dock and rocky shoreline at the cottage. These spiders when fully grown will have a legspan of three inches. They are rather timid and readily disappear when approached, making them difficult to photograph.

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