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Sunrise at Halfway Log Dump

I have always considered myself to be mostly a landscape photographer. I find the work of three Canadian photographers to be very inspirational – Daryl Benson, Darwin Wiggett and Mike Grandmaison. Check-out their website links in the sidebar and I’m sure you will agree that they consistently produce high quality work that stands out among the masses. Thanks guys! Several years ago while I was in Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula National Park, which is a landscape photographer’s paradise, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Grandmaison. It was 5 a.m. at Halfway Log Dump and I was waiting to shoot sunrise images (see the image above). The cobblestone beach here is seemingly endless. Along came another photographer and I said something like “Hey, aren’t you Mike Grandmaison?”, it was, and we spent that morning exploring the rugged shoreline at Halfway Log Dump talking about photoshop, the landscape in front of us and Mike offering suggestions and comparing exposure settings. Since then Mike has become a friend and mentor. A turning point for me, if you will, as my landscape work began to improve significantly after meeting Mike, sharing images via email and offering processing techniques and suggestions.

Mike recently opened the Canadian Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The gallery contains many of Mike’s finest photographs as you can see when you click on the link. To see a recent interview with Mike that was featured on Smibs TV regarding the opening of his gallery click here. Mike’s name for the gallery is also most suitable as he has crossed the country on numerous occasions building an impressive collection of truly inspirational imagery.

Below is an image of Mike, on the dock, at my family’s cottage on Horseshoe Lake in Ontario’s Muskoka Region. The image Mike composed here was featured as a double page spread in his coffee table book about Muskoka.

I hope you enjoy Mike Grandmaison’s Canadian Gallery and interview and find his work as inspirational as I do.


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