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Incoming Wave Blur on Lake Superior

While in Lake Superior Provincial Park last week I took advantage of several opportunities to shoot various water blurs around Lake Superior and beyond. These blurs included wave blurs and flowing river blurs which I could shoot all day long. I spent several hours along the Magpie River near Wawa, Ontario during some over-cast, rainy weather conditions creating many moving water blurs. There are several rivers in Ontario’s Algoma Highlands that flow rather quickly down from the highland terrain as they make their way to Lake Superior. I often find it best to bracket the length of my exposures for moving water blurs so that I can choose the amount of blur I desire in the flowing water later when back home at my computer. I will most often start with an exposure of about 1/15th of a second and increase the exposure time from there, depending on the flow rate of the river of course. There are also several waterfalls along these rivers that I will feature in a future post. This post contains a few of my favorite water blurs that I have processed thus far. Hope you like them too!

Magpie River at Magpie Falls, Wawa, Ontario

Mini-cascade on the Magpie River

Magpie River Details

Magpie River Details

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