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For all the dog lovers out there I thought I should get around to posting a photograph of my dog Koko. Her name comes from the Japanese / Native American word meaning midnight. As you can see she is as black as black can be. This is a recent image taken over the Thanksgiving Weekend. I like how the carpet of out of focus white pine needles compliments the colour of her eyes. Koko is 4 years old and is a lab mix. Many people think she has a bit of greyhound in her and she just may have because when she runs she’s like a bullet. When Koko was 2 years old she was diagnosed with a hereditary eye disease called pannus which will cause blindness if left untreated. Her treatment consists of daily cortisone drops in both eyes to halt the progression of the disease. So far it is working. Koko has not really become a photo companion due to her excessive playful nature, but she is gentle and good-natured with my 3 year old daughter.

Below you will see a photograph of my brothers pure-bred husky. Her name is Kaiya. Kaiya is the most gentle husky I have ever known and those blue eyes are simply amazing. I always try to get a few nice portraits of Kaiya whenever I have a chance too.

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