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Icicles After Storm and Sugar Maple Leaf

Icicles After Storm and Sugar Maple Leaf

A wild and wicked ice storm hit southern Ontario late Saturday night / early Sunday morning and has since left a vast amount of folks without hydro for what may be 3 days. In Toronto alone there was upwards of 350,000 people without power. Never a good thing, especially in winter. Let’s hope these folks have their hydro back on soon. Fortunately, I was spared any issues at my rural home north of Toronto. We only received a small amount of freezing rain and did not lose any hydro or tree limbs.

Today, I was in Toronto and decided to capture a couple of images to illustrate the thickness of ice on the trees and on my way home captured a late evening farmscape cloaked in ice.

On a side note, I was invited by friend, colleague, and mentor Arthur Morris, to write a guest post the Birds As Art blog. Please click here to see The Three Frosties blog post.

Please click on each of the images to view the larger, sharper versions.

Evergreen and Ice

Evergreen and Ice

Winter Farm-scape Cloaked in Ice

Winter Farm-scape Cloaked in Ice



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Roadsign after ice storm_7101

Above is one of the roadsigns near my home after today’s lengthy periods of freezing rain. The driving conditions were fine for me however, much of the landscape was coated in thick ice. I spent several hours driving around capturing various scenes from along the roadways. Here are a few of the images I created this afternoon.

For the folks that are in the vicinity of the Burlington Art Gallery in  southern Ontario on Saturday April 13th, don’t forget Mike Grandmaison’s seminar for the Latow Photographers Guild. Click here for further details.

Wetland after ice storm_7002

Wetland after ice storm, Barrie, Ontario

Page wire fence after ice storm_7015

Page-wire fence and ice

Tree after ice storm_6978

Lone tree in field after ice storm, Thornton, Ontario

Ice storm aftermath_6971

Forest coated in ice after the storm, Thornton, Ontario

Rural Scene after ice storm_6963

Rural scene after ice storm, Thornton, Ontario

Winter trees after ice storm_7049

Winter trees after ice storm, Thornton, Ontario


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