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Torrance Barrens_6803

Daybreak in the Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve, Ontario

On Wednesday October 9 the 2nd Annual Muskoka Autumn Colour Spectacular Photographic Workshop wrapped up. We had a fantastic group of participants and were blessed with some wonderful conditions to photograph in.

Brooks Falls_6364

Brooks Falls on the Magnetawan River, Almaguin Highlands, Ontario

Our first stop was at Brooks Falls on the Magnetawan River in Ontario’s Almaguin Highlands. We were blessed with beautiful autumn foliage and a good amount of flow in the river inspite of the dry conditions we have experienced this past summer.

Oxtongue River_6444

Hogs Trough on the Oxtongue River, Ontario

Next on our list of locations was the Oxtongue River. Upon arrival bright sunny conditions plagued us, but a quick rain shower approached to create the best conditions possible for us, both above Hogs Trough and below.

Oxtongue River_6440

Oxtongue River, Ontario

A quick stop at Ragged Falls further upstream was a little less than desired as this section of the river was running quite low, but autumn color reflecting in the river’s details provided some very nice opportunities, which can be seen below.

Oxtongue River_6489

Oxtongue River Details, Ragged Falls Provincial Park, Ontario

The second day of the workshop was spent exploring the opportunities around the Bracebridge area, which were plentiful and saw us discovering some really amazing reflections along Potts Creek.

Potts Creek_6706

Potts Creek, Bracebridge, Ontario

On our final morning we may our way to the Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve and were greeted by a stunning morning. The cool night air provided the temperatures for mist to rise from Highland Pond and as the first rays of the sun broke over the tree tops the photographic possibilities were endless. What a way to end the workshop πŸ™‚

Torrance Barrens_6750

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve, Ontario

Torrance Barrens_727

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve, Ontario

Torrance Barrens_6766

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve, Ontario

Torrance Barrens_6791

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve, Ontario

Torrance Barrens_6761

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve, Ontario

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High Falls on the Muskoka River

Please note: starting with this post you can now ‘click-to-enlarge’ on each of the images in this post and all future posts to see much larger versions of the images. I hope you enjoy this updated feature of the blog and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new views. πŸ™‚

High Falls has long been one of most impressive waterfalls in Ontario’s Muskoka Region. It is easily located near the town of Bracebridge. A few years ago the town of Bracebridge began diverting much of the flow, especially in winter, for hydro-electric power, but this has by no means lessened the photographic possibilities that abound at this location. In my opinion it has actually created more photographic opportunities, especially the intimate variety of landscapes. The reduced flow has also exposed some wonderful rock formations for intimate views of the remaining cascades that can be found here, however, one must keep inΒ  mind that the exposed rocks have been smoothed over time, by the constant flow of water and can be quite slippery and even dangerous if folks do not proceed with caution. On Friday, I drove an hour and a half north of my home, in the wee hours of the morning, to arrive at first light, and hopefully well ahead of the predicted rainfall. I was able to get in about three hours of photography before the rains arrived and forced me to pack up and head for home.

When I arrive on site, setting-up my tripod is often one of the last steps I take when photographing a scene. First and foremost I will walk around, camera in hand, and frame possible image opportunities. Once I find the compositions I want I will then position my tripod to capture the scenes I have chosen. Each of the images in this post was photograph using a Nikon polarizing filter on my 12-24mm lens. This polarizing filter is designed to eliminate vignetting on wide angle lenses such as the 12-24mm lens. The polarizing filter is also the absolute, must-have filter for landscape photography.

New to this post is the ‘click-to-enlarge’ feature for each of the images posted. Please click on each image to view the larger version and take a moment to let me know which is your favorite and why.

High Falls on the Muskoka River

High Falls on the Muskoka River

High Falls on the Muskoka River

Little High Falls on Pott’s Creek

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Here are a few images from the Muskoka Winter Workshop last weekend. Above is a panorama of Wilson’s Falls on the Muskoka River stitched together from a series of 8 vertical images.

Wilson’s Falls on the Muskoka River

Black River in the village Vankoughnet

Potts Creek

Potts Creek

Rosseau River – as I made my way home from the workshop I decided to hike in along an unmaintained cottage road to one of my favorite locations on the Rosseau River. I believe the animal tracks along the river bank are that of a mink.


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