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My Dog Koko - a 7 year old Black Lab Mix

My Dog Koko – a 7 year old Black Lab Mix

After photographing my neighbors new puppy I decided it was time to take a few new photos of my dog Koko. The name Koko is a Native American name for night. She is a 7 year old Black Lab mix (possibly part greyhound), very rambunctious, fast as a bullet, and always ready for a game of fetch in the yard. I do wish I had of taken off her collar for the images but as you can see her dog tags have some nasty chew marks in them and that is because she likes to pass the time chewing on them and what would the photos be without her signature trademark 🙂 She regularly mulches any tree branches that fall to the ground in the yard as well. Unfortunately she does suffer from an hereditary eye disease called Pannus, which she receives cortisone eye drops daily to prevent the disease from causing blindness…she was first diagnosed with the disease when she was two and so far so good, but the eye drops may result in premature cataracts. Either way she is a lovable dog with boundless energy.

Do remember to click on the image to see the larger, sharper version 🙂

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