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Snapping Turtle_20130615_110105Common Snapping Turtle in Beaver Pond

This week’s SmartPhone Snap is a follow-up to the previously posted Turtle-scape. As mentioned in that post, I first came across the snapping turtle as it was lazily basking on the surface of a beaver pond along the path I typically take my dog Koko for a walk, when I am at the family cottage in the Parry Sound region of Ontario. Since the only camera I had with me at the time was the one on my Samsung S2X I decided to tie Koko to a nearby tree and make my way to the edge for a couple of quick snaps. After taking Koko back to the cottage I went back out to the beaver pond for some additional images with the Nikon D800.

Hope you like this week’s edition of the SmartPhone Snap 🙂

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Beaver Pond and Fall Colour

Over the last few days I was up at Horseshoe Lake and took advantage of the over-cast, rainy conditions to shoot some backwoods beaver ponds that I frequently explore. As usual, there are always a few trees that go into peak autumn foliage several weeks early than the rest of the trees. I made my way to this pond by following along several older beaver ponds and streams that connect the ponds, making note of the bear tracks along the way. As I made my way around a large fallen log at the edge of one pond I heard a splash in the water. I looked down to see my Lowepro lens case that I keep my Nikon 12-24mm lens floating in the pond. I jumped in to fetch the lens, unzipped the case and drained out the small amount of water that had leaked in. After drying the lens off with my t-shirt I began to examine the lens and it appeared that no water had leaked into the lens and no water reached the lens contacts. I further dried the lens with some micro-fiber cleaning cloths and created the image above, mostly to test the lens for moisture. So far all looks well, but just to be sure the lens will spend the next few days in a bag of silica gel that will absorb any moisture that cannot be seen. Being prepared for mishaps, should they unfortunately arrive, may just save the day. I always take along several micro-fibre cleaning cloths, clear plastic bags (for rain), knife, bear spray, electrical tape and an assortment of other things including my asthma inhaler. Many of these items are never needed, but you never know when they will be required.

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