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Ferns in B&W_9675-1

Topaz Labs Restyle – Grass Swing Preset

I have been working on few black and white conversions of some recently captured images and was about to prepare a blog post for them, but then I was notified of a cool new photoshop plug-in available from Topaz Labs called Restyle. By entering the coupon code “restyleit” you will only pay $29.99 and this code will be good until the end of August. I downloaded the software this morning and began playing around with it. I select three images that I had converted to black and white and then began to explore various options by scrolling through the vast number of presets. Above you will see a black and white image of a cluster of ferns that was tweaked by selecting the preset ‘Grass Swing.’ As I explore this new plug-in in my creative tool-kit a little more I will do a more in-depth blog post to discuss its pros and cons.

In the images below, which are both from along the Rosseau River in Ontario Canada’s popular Muskoka Region – a killer destination for autumn color. I have indicated in the image captions which preset was used on these black and white conversions to achieve the desired effect. To find out more about this cool new plug-in and to download your own copy please click here.

Do remember to click on the images to see the larger, sharper versions and let me know your thoughts and favorite image with the Restyle effect applied 🙂

Topaz Labs Restyle - Dark Dreams

Topaz Labs Restyle – Dark Dreams


Topaz Labs Restyle - Blue Black Ice

Topaz Labs Restyle – Blue Black Ice


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I am pleased to announce the first edition of the Creative Photography eMiniMagazine, published by my good friend, the very talented and highly creative Denise Ippolito. Denise’s artistic rendering of various photographic subjects often leave me in awe. The Creative Photography eMiniMagazine is a free publication where you will be able to learn various techniques to apply to your own imagery to create stunning artistic renderings you can call your own. All you have to do to commence receiving the emag is to head over to Denise Ippolito’s blog post here and follow this link to the emagazine, scroll down the page to subscribe to future editions. The magazine is loaded with tons of great info and articles. I am very pleased and honored to be included with, and to join the great line-up of talented Forum Contributors. If you are heading over to the Creative Photography eMiniMagazine’s August Edition 2012 be sure to checkout my first article on Lower Rosseau Falls and my detailed description / tutorial on how I create my artistic renditions of waterfalls using Topaz Labs Black & White Effects with my custom ‘Waterfall Setting’.

I often find creating artistic renderings of my own nature imagery keep the fun in photography and now with the official release of this great new publication – for free –  folks can acquire many new skills for fresh approaches / ideas to developing their own art.

Sign-up folks and start having fun, but be forewarned that this is highly addictive stuff 🙂

Hope to see you over at the Creative Photography eMiniMagazine soon!


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