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Towards the end of my fall colour shooting this year I came across Furnace Falls on the Irondale River in Ontario’s Haliburton Region. This waterfall gets its name from blast furnaces, used to smelt iron ore, that were built near this location in the late 19th century. My timing for this year’s autumn colour could not have been worse. It seems as though many regions peaked early and all at the same time, followed by winds that stripped many trees of leaves. As you can see in the above photograph – why not make the bare trees part of the composition.

A 12-24mm lens was used along with a polarizing filter and a 1 & 2-stop Singh Ray grad filters handheld to hold back the sky.

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The area around Dorset is another location in Ontario that offers beautiful fall colour. The Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower is a popular attraction to view wonderful, expansive views of mixed forests a blaze with reds, yellows and orange. A favorite spot of mine, however, can be found by driving north on Highway 35 to Haliburton Rd.8. Turn right onto Haliburton Rd.8 and drive for about 3 km to a small parking lot on the left side of the road along the Hollow River. There is a lovely little waterfall here called Long Slide. While driving along Highway 35 you will pass many small wetlands that also offer some beautiful viewing. Below is one such example.

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Today’s autumn primer takes us to Ontario’s Haliburton¬† Highlands along the Kennisis River. This photograph was shot downstream from Buttermilk Falls. To reach this location you would have to take Highway 35 to Buttermilk Falls. There is a small parking lot near the bridge at the Kennisis River. Park here and follow the path way to some splendid colour alongside river. With cool nights we have been experiencing lately the colours will be moving toward peaking quite rapidly.

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