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My Dog Koko - a 7 year old Black Lab Mix

My Dog Koko – a 7 year old Black Lab Mix

After photographing my neighbors new puppy I decided it was time to take a few new photos of my dog Koko. The name Koko is a Native American name for night. She is a 7 year old Black Lab mix (possibly part greyhound), very rambunctious, fast as a bullet, and always ready for a game of fetch in the yard. I do wish I had of taken off her collar for the images but as you can see her dog tags have some nasty chew marks in them and that is because she likes to pass the time chewing on them and what would the photos be without her signature trademark 🙂 She regularly mulches any tree branches that fall to the ground in the yard as well. Unfortunately she does suffer from an hereditary eye disease called Pannus, which she receives cortisone eye drops daily to prevent the disease from causing blindness…she was first diagnosed with the disease when she was two and so far so good, but the eye drops may result in premature cataracts. Either way she is a lovable dog with boundless energy.

Do remember to click on the image to see the larger, sharper version 🙂


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Cane Corso Mastif Puppy at 8 Weeks

Cane Corso Mastif Puppy at 8 Weeks

This morning I spent about an hour photographing my neighbors 8 week old Cane Corso Mastif. What a cutie! She is a very busy little girl, which made capturing a pleasing image of her quite a challenge. I am looking forward to creating more photographs of her as she grows older, but I don’t think  any of them will be quite this cute.


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Getting caught up on processing some image files that I have not had the time to process until now. Last autumn, neighbors of mine asked me if I would be able to photograph some of their horses – here is a small sample of the results. I am hoping to capture them this winter in a gentle snowfall also. Whenever I see horses in my travels I always stop to grab a few shots of them. They are such beautiful and graceful animals. They remind me of a time when gasoline was not required to travel great distances. They also remind me of a saying I once heard – diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but only if she can trade them for a good horse.

When I was photographing the horses I could not resist getting a few shots of my neighbors 10 month old English Bulldog too. You can see his image at the bottom of this post. The reddish horse’s name is Scarlet and the darker horse is named Muffin.

You gotta love that face. What a cutie eh!

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For all the dog lovers out there I thought I should get around to posting a photograph of my dog Koko. Her name comes from the Japanese / Native American word meaning midnight. As you can see she is as black as black can be. This is a recent image taken over the Thanksgiving Weekend. I like how the carpet of out of focus white pine needles compliments the colour of her eyes. Koko is 4 years old and is a lab mix. Many people think she has a bit of greyhound in her and she just may have because when she runs she’s like a bullet. When Koko was 2 years old she was diagnosed with a hereditary eye disease called pannus which will cause blindness if left untreated. Her treatment consists of daily cortisone drops in both eyes to halt the progression of the disease. So far it is working. Koko has not really become a photo companion due to her excessive playful nature, but she is gentle and good-natured with my 3 year old daughter.

Below you will see a photograph of my brothers pure-bred husky. Her name is Kaiya. Kaiya is the most gentle husky I have ever known and those blue eyes are simply amazing. I always try to get a few nice portraits of Kaiya whenever I have a chance too.

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