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Before heading north to Horseshoe Lake I made sure to pack Denise Ippolito’s new eBook “My First Impressions of Bosque Dell Apache”. Denise Ippolito is a talented freelance photographer from New Jersey. Bosque Del Apache NWR is a 57,191 acre refuge located along the Rio Grande near Socorro, New Mexico. Each year during the “Festival of the Cranes” large numbers of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes are present. In November of 2010 Denise co-led a workshop at Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge with world premier bird photographer Arthur Morris. Arthur Morris has led Intructional Photography Tours at Bosque for the last 16 years. In Denise’s new eBook she shares her first visit to this location through poems, stunning artistic renditions, pleasing blurs, tack sharp flight imagery and sensational sunrise/sunset photos. As I read through Denise’s latest offering each image filled me with inspiration and creative ideas, the kind of imagery that is more than just a photograph, but an expression. Denise is at her creative best in “My First Impressions Of Bosque Del Apache” and the imagery clearly illustrates how much she fell in love with such a beautiful place.

Whether you plan to visit Bosque Del Apache or not, I highly recommend Denise’s this eBook. It will inspire you to create your own stunning collection of imagery.  If you do plan to visit Bosque consider the new 3 day workshop Denise has created during the “Festival of the Cranes” this November, at a killer price. To find out more about this workshop click here. In “My First Impressions Of Bosque Del Apache” Denise is also quick to note that you should not visit Bosque “blind”, be sure to read Arthur Morris’ Bosque site guide. Mr. Morris’ intimate knowledge of this location will put you in the right spot at the right time. Check out the site guide here. Someday I hope to witness the beauty of Bosque Del Apache for myself.  When I do, I will be calling Denise.

“My First Impressions Of Bosque Del Apache” is available here.

Thanks again for the inspiring work Denise!

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