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On Saturday May 13th 2017 I will be hosting an exclusive photographic workshop at the Crinan Community Centre located at 13568 Dunborough Line in West Elgin, Ontario, near London, Ontario. This will be a 4 hour workshop that will commence at 10:00 am. The space for this workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 participants to allow ample time for folks to photograph each species of frog.

This is the only workshop of its kind whereby you will be able to capture stunning imagery of 20 different species dart frogs endemic to the Amazon rainforest of Peru. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to explore the Amazon jungle in hopes of photographing just a fraction of these species. This workshop is in partnership with Understory Enterprises to bring you an incredible opportunity to photograph these 20 species of dart frogs for $195, plus HST, in a comfortable atmosphere with natural studio set-ups.

The recommended gear for photographing these tiny frogs is a macro lens and off camera flash. Alternately, using high quality close-up filters such as the Canon 500D filters will allow many lenses such as the Nikon 80-400mm or Canon 100-400mm to focus close enough for these small subjects. Please contact me if you have any equipment inquiries when registering for this workshop.

To register for this workshop folks may contact me here for availability. Payments can be made via email transfer or by cheque made payable to Andrew McLachlan.


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