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Orphan Lake Lookout_2202Over-looking Orphan Lake, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

On my recent excursion to Lake Superior Provincial Park I made a point of walking the Orphan Lake Trail. This is an 8 kilometer trail that meanders through a variety of habitats including; boreal forest, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest, Lake Superior shoreline, and the riverbank of the Baldhead River (no this river was not named after yours truly 🙂 ).  The trail can be at times a little tough as there are numerous steep inclines along the way. At about the 6 kilometer point my persistent back problems began to flare up, making the last 2 kilometers a bit of a challenge to complete. Nonetheless, anyone planning a visit to Lake Superior Provincial Park must hike this trail as the scenery is utterly breath-taking and you will get a real sense of the wildness of the park.

In the photo above you will see a fish-eye view from the lookout over Orphan Lake, with Lake Superior in the distance. This image was created using the Sigma 15mm f2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fish-Eye. In the image below I used my 80-400mm VR lens to extract the scene of the forest and granite along the Lake Superior shore.

Orphan Lake Trail_Lake Superior_2192Lake Superior as seen from the Orphan Lake Trail

Further along the trail, as seen in the image below, you will arrive at an impressive lookout over Lake Superior at the mouth of the Baldhead River. I was hoping for some stunning autumn colors during this trip but as you can see the colors were progressing rather slowly. Normally there would be peak color at the time of my visit. I guess this means I will just have to go back again next year. By clicking on the image to view the larger, sharper version you will see a red kayak on the shore, which helps to give this scene a sense of scale.

Orphan Lake Trail_Mouth of the Baldhead River_2213Lookout on Lake Superior at the mouth of the Baldhead River

From the lookout over Lake Superior the trail descends down to a cobblestone beach on Lake Superior, turning to your right once you reach the lake will take you over to the Baldhead River where you can continue along the trail as it follows the riverbank. A short distance upstream from the river’s mouth you will arrive at a lovely waterfall on the Baldhead River. I normally prefer to photograph my waterfall images in over-cast, rainy weather but the even and unchanging light here made for a lovely setting. To eliminate many of the distracting elements surrounding this waterfall I did once again select my 80-400mm VR lens to isolate the scene, being extremely careful not to over expose the brightest whites of the cascading water.

Orphan Lake Trail_Baldhead River_2256Waterfall along the Baldhead River

And then finally as the end draws near, a lovely boardwalk amidst a moss cloaked landscape provides a perfect spot to stop for a few additional images and a few moments to rest my back before continuing on to complete this rugged trail.

Orphan Lake Trail Boardwalk_2262Boardwalk along the Orphan Lake Trail

I hope you have enjoyed our hike along the Orphan Lake Trail today and remember if you visit Lake Superior Provincial Park do plan on hiking this trail. You will not be disappointed.

Please do remember to click on each of the photographs to view the larger, sharper versions of each.

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