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Chippewa River_1873Chippewa River in Ontario’s Algoma County

While on route to Lake Superior Provincial park last week a fair amount of the drive was through torrential downpours. The last thing this area needed was more rain. One week prior to my departure for the big lake the area was hit was severe flash flooding, which washed out a section of the Trans-Canada Highway at Iron Bridge. Fortunately a temporary solution had been constructed by the time I arrived and detouring around the wash out was not required. When I arrived at the Chippewa River the rains seemed to be subsiding so I decided to take a break from driving to grab a bite to eat and grab a few images of the Chippewa River. On each of my last four stops at this location the river had been not much more than a trickle, so I was elated that there was significant flow to the river on this day. On a side note: this location is the official halfway point along the Trans-Canada Highway, which stretches from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia.

Chippewa River_1898Chippewa River in Ontario’s Algoma County

One thing that is very apparent when photographing waterfalls and rivers that feed into Lake Superior is the large logs that tend to be present on the river banks and stuck in the flow. These massive logs are carried down river in the spring when the rivers are raging torrents and will occasionally get hung-up in the river, awaiting the next spring run-off to lift them out and onward to the lake. The power of the river is quite evident in the sheer size of these tree trunks that are carried down to their river mouths.

Chippewa River_1903Chippewa River in Ontario’s Algoma County

And alas, as my drive ended upon reaching Lake Superior Provincial Park the rains had passed and the sky cleared and I was ready to capture the setting sun at Katherine Cove, which is undoubtedly one of the best locations within the park for sunset imagery.

Katherine Cove_2006-1Katherine Cove at Sunset in Ontario’s Lake Superior Provincial Park

Do remember to click on each of the photos to view the larger, sharper versions of each.

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