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Roadsign after ice storm_7101

Above is one of the roadsigns near my home after today’s lengthy periods of freezing rain. The driving conditions were fine for me however, much of the landscape was coated in thick ice. I spent several hours driving around capturing various scenes from along the roadways. Here are a few of the images I created this afternoon.

For the folks that are in the vicinity of the Burlington Art Gallery in  southern Ontario on Saturday April 13th, don’t forget Mike Grandmaison’s seminar for the Latow Photographers Guild. Click here for further details.

Wetland after ice storm_7002

Wetland after ice storm, Barrie, Ontario

Page wire fence after ice storm_7015

Page-wire fence and ice

Tree after ice storm_6978

Lone tree in field after ice storm, Thornton, Ontario

Ice storm aftermath_6971

Forest coated in ice after the storm, Thornton, Ontario

Rural Scene after ice storm_6963

Rural scene after ice storm, Thornton, Ontario

Winter trees after ice storm_7049

Winter trees after ice storm, Thornton, Ontario


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