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When it comes to photographing frogs it is rather hard to beat Red-eyed Treefrogs for their photogenic qualities. During a recent photo shoot with numerous captive bred frog species I was thrilled to be able to photograph a lovely Red-eyed Treefrog. Since treefrogs are mostly nocturnal I chose to photograph them perched on potted, tropical plants that would look like a more natural setting and used a small flash to achieve the background I desired for these images. If there is no background close enough to the frog the flash will most often render the background dark, as though the images were created at night.

When I was researching this photo shoot it was important to me that the frogs I was going to photograph were all captive bred. With frog populations in serious decline around the globe I would refuse to photograph any wild caught specimens.

Please remember to click on each of the photos to see the larger, more sharper version and let us know which is your favorite Red-eyed Treefrog photo and why.

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