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Winter tree at dusk, Thornton, Ontario

The above photograph was taken on Saturday evening as the sun dipped below the horizon. The day before this image was captured we received about 3 or 4 inches of fresh snow, and it was rather windy also. The outside temperature for the Saturday evening shoot was roughly -25 degrees Celsius – refreshing indeed. I have been enjoying using my latest piece of photo gear, which is a pair of Aqua Tech Sensory Gloves, for winter photography. I quite like how these gloves fit, and best of all they allow the photographer to expose just the tip of the thumb and index finger, on both hands, while the remainder of the hands and fingers stay warm inside a waterproof, breathable, insulated glove. The silicon palm allows for maximum grip of camera and lenses. In the past I would always take my gloves off to operate the camera controls because I never really found a pair of gloves that were user friendly towards camera controls and such, but the Aqua Tech Sensory Gloves so far, seem to solve that issue. If you are interested in these gloves you can check them out here or any other camera dealer that sells Aqua Tech products. Below you will see a photo of my left hand inside an Aqua Tech Sensory Glove with the thumb and index finger exposed. Follow this link to Outdoor Photography Canada to read Editor Roy Ramsay`s editorial on yours truly in the Winter 2012 issue of Outdoor Photography Canada. I am quite honored to have been selected by Mr. Ramsay for his editorial.

Aqua Tech Sensory Glove

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