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Today, while driving home from spending some time trying to create some new images of the male Snowy Owl an Opossum waddled across the farm road slowly and began climbing up the steep embankment beside the road. Naturally, I hit the breaks grabbed my camera and quickly walked up the hill for a few images.

Opossums are generally nocturnal and are the only marsupials found in North America. Over the years they have steadily been moving further and further north and now are frequently sighted near my home in south-central Ontario. Our bitter cold winters tend to be hard on their naked ears and rat-like tails which are prone to frostbite. They do not hibernate, however, during extremely cold weather they will usually hole up somewhere until some warmer weather arrives. This winter has been exceptionally warm with only a few bitter cold nights and very little snow fall. Below you will see two artistic renditions of the above photograph. Please take a moment to let me know which version you like best and why?

Opossum – Fractalius

Opossum – Topaz BW Effects

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