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Rosseau River

In my last post I indicated that many of central Ontario’s fall colour was rather dismal this year. Yes, there were some pockets of lovely colour, but by and large it was not very impressive at all. One of my favorite destinations for fall colour is a section of the Rosseau River that is about 30 minutes from my family cottage. It usually produces fairly decent colours consistently and the rocks in and around the river make great compositional elements. While we were preparing to close the cottage for the coming winter I made one last quick trip to the Rosseau River. I prefer to shoot my waterfall and river scenes in overcast-type light, so I arrived early in the morning before the sun rose high enough in the sky to ruin the scene with strong, contrasty light. As I was preparing to leave, I noticed and liked the way the sun was illuminating the tops of the trees along the river. Rather than reach for one of my grad filters I decided to shoot a 5 exposure HDR and process the image files in Oloneo Photo Engine.

I made one final trip today to a small waterfall along the Nottawasaga River, near my home, for some additional fall photography, but with yesterday’s high winds there was a large percentage of leaf fall noticeable. Yikes!…looks like winters a-coming.

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