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Gray Treefrogs are true masters of camouflage. Their ability to change color and blend in with their surroundings is amazing.. When photographing them, I much prefer to shoot them in the ponds behind my home as they turn a beautiful green, to blend with the field grasses.  When I photograph them in temporary ponds in the forests around Parry Sound, Ontario they tend to be much darker – a result of the dark colored, wet leaf litter at the edges of the ponds. On occasion, I find them at rest on some sandy spots adjacent to the ponds where they take on a tan-colored appearance to match the sand more closely. In the ponds behind my home a couple of Silver Maples have taken hold and some of the treefrogs are climbing up the small trees to chorus. This has provided some very pleasing situations for photographing the frogs at night as clean, dark backgrounds are possible, making the frogs really stand out. Here is a collection of Gray Treefrogs photographed this spring…….so far.

All frog images were photographed with a Nikon D200, Nikon 105mm micro lens and a small Nikon SB400 on a home-made flash bracket. Each image takes about half an hour to one hour to process as I really hate the flash generated specular highlights common with shooting these little critters in their wetland habitat under the cover of night. There is usually much cloning to be done, but the end results are usually worth the extra effort.

Hope you enjoy these images!


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