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I spent the first several days of this week out in the frog ponds behind my home, during the evening hours, to shoot some fresh frog images during the spring chorus. I am a little out of practice, but did capture a few nice photographs. So far only the Chorus Frogs, Wood Frogs and a small number of Spring Peepers have emerged from hibernation, however, the last couple of night the ponds have been freezing over again, so all is quiet as the frogs lay under the ice waiting for things to warm-up in the morning. I usually wear my chest waders when shooting these critters and sit down in the pond when I find one that appears to be cooperative, but it usually means waiting several minutes for them to commence singing again and the odd time it means getting a pair of chest waders filled with icy cold water. Yikes! This week I discovered a crayfish out on the wet grasses beside the pond. I believe it is a Chimney Crayfish, they are known to inhabit wet meadows and build a clay chimney at the entrance to their burrow. By mid-summer there are usually several of these clay chimneys in my drainage ditch out by the road so I new these crayfish were around, I just never had the opportunity to photograph them.

One of the most annoying aspect of shooting amphibian at nights if you will be plagued with flash generated specular highlights. I use a very small flash light for focusing purposes when shooting them and can use the light given off by the flashlight to judge just how bad the specular highlights will be and can thus change my shooting position slightly to see if any improvements may be possible. However, often I have to clone out the flash generated specular highlights and more often than not I fond that I work on the image large, meaning I zoom it to 500-800% in Photoshop to clean-up these annoying little highlights.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the frog pond in the coming weeks.

Spring Peeper

Wood Frog

Chorus Frog

Chorus Frog

Chimney Crayfish

Chimney Crayfish – defensive posture


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