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It has been a rather hectic week, not much time for processing images. We have had lots of rain over the last several days and due to the ground being frozen the water has not had many places to go. As a result, I have had to contend with some minor water issues in my basement so that they do not become major issues. The joys of country living.

Here is an image I just processed form my trip to Cayo Santa Maria in the Jardines del rey archipelago in Cuba. The shoreline here was very impressive. This rugged shoreline, sculpted by the oceans waves over time, was incredible. The only way to shoot it was to stand out in the water. I used my 12-24mm lens down low, so that I was looking up under the rugged rock. After I was done shooting and back on board the catamaran I noticed a very large drop of water on the lens. This drop was cloned out when I processed the file.


Hope you like the photo.

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