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I recently became aware of a very interesting plugin for Windows users of Adobe Photoshop. The creative possibilities with the use of this filter are almost endless, however, it is certainly not for every image, but when you find an image that works well with fractalius the results are most addictive. I can most certainly guarantee that you will begin searching your image collection for more images that will work with this unique plugin. I first became aware of this photoshop plugin through the blog of famous bird photographer Arthur Morris which in turn led me to the very creative work of Denise Ippolito. Please take a look at Denise’s fractalius gallery here and if you are interested in purchasing this inexpensive plugin click here.  Denise also has a free tutorial on her blog on how to use this filter effectively. Below are three additional images that I have applied fractalius too – a Brown Pelican (Atlantic Phase), Cuban Crocodile and a Blue Jay.

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