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Last year during my fall colour photo excursions, I found myself along a small section of the Rosseau River near the town of Rosseau, Ontario. When I returned home from my first visit to this new location a day of heavy rain followed. I returned two days later knowing that the rainfall would cause the river to surge and thus be more photogenic. All images in this post are from this section of the Rosseau River which can be found by traveling on Highway 141 near the town of Rosseau. The highway crosses the river.

The panoramic image below was created by stitching 8 vertical images together. When I shoot panoramics, if possible, I usually shoot them as a series of verticals. I always use a leveling base between my tripod and ballhead. Before I started to use a leveling base, I found shooting panoramas to be an exercise in frustration. Click on the image below to see a larger view.

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