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With peak fall colour just around the corner in central Ontario, it will soon be time to gas-up the car and head out in search of autumn’s palette. My favorite region to explore for stunning fall colour is Muskoka. Many wonderful scenes can be found by driving along Highway 141 or Highway 169 and many of the smaller county roads that run off of these highways.

The image for this post was shot about 3 years ago, along a small county road that runs along Lake Rosseau. I was out shooting with fellow photographer Mike Grandmaison, who was then working on imagery for his Muskoka coffee table book. The book has been released and features a multitude of stunning photographs from this region and is available through Key Porter Books. When we happened upon this scene, with great colour and reflection to match, we had to stop and shoot. Soon after a motor boat came speeding by and ruined the reflection. Mike’s version of this scene can be found in his Muskoka book.

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