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As I drove home from my Abitibi Canyon shoot I decided to stop at the visitor’s centre by Ontario’s historical French River and make the 1.5 kilometer hike down to Recollet Falls. The French River is best known as a the western passage for the Voyageurs, however, long before the early French explorers traveled its waters, Aboriginal people used the river as a meeting place to exchange and trade goods. Much of the canoe traffic along this route was connected with fur trading. Between 1600 and the 1820’s fleets of birch bark canoes regularly used this watery highway carrying tons of furs back to Montreal from the west.

As I arrived at this destination, I could see some very dark storm clouds moving towards my direction. I worked quickly to capture a few different compositions before the rain arrived. As I was walking out along the trail the rain poured heavily, soaking me from head-to-toe. I was glad to have a change of clothes waiting in the car. Below is the vertical version of Recollet Falls.

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