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My journey north to the Abitibi Canyon and beyond began on a long, lonesome two-lane highway (HWY #634). The above photo is what the road looked liked for the next 75 kilometers until I reached Fraserdale. No gas stations – absolutely nothing.  The day was a mix of sun and cloud and very warm also. As I began up this road I could see storm clouds forming in the distance, when the sun broke through some cloud cover and lit the road ahead I pulled over and positioned my camera close to the road and shot a series of images before the sun disappeared behind the clouds again.

Upon reaching Fraserdale, I took the 54 kilometer dirt road that leads up to Otter Rapids Dam. I stopped at a small bridge along the way to shoot this section of the Abitibi River with storm clouds looming overhead. At this particular section of the Abitibi River the blackflies were swarming terribly. By the time I reached my camping spot at the trial head to New Post Falls the thunder and lightning began along with a torrential downpour. At times like these I am glad my Subaru is my tent. The next morning I hiked in to New Post Falls, under clear skies, and shot the image below, prior to the sunrise. To shoot this photograph I used a 2-stop Singh Ray Grad Filter, to darken the sky, and a Nikon Polarizer to help saturate the colours a little bit. This one is one of my favorites from the trip so far….

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