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I have returned from my two weeks of shooting around Ontario. The first week was a bit of a wash as I spent several days searching around Horseshoe Lake for our family’s motor boat which has been stolen from our dock. No gas was kept in the boat and our motor was chained to the boat, but that did not deter the thieves – they towed away the boat presumably to cut the chain to get the new motor and ditch the 30-year-old boat. During the second week, I traveled to Ontario’s far north, literally to the end of the line, as far as roadways go. I have always been fascinated with the northern regions and have longed to visit them. This recent venture is by far the furthest I have traveled north in this province and I can’t wait to go back again. It is true wilderness, however, I also saw first hand the remains of clear-cut logging operations that have left permanent scars within Ontario’s boreal landscape. My road trip ended at the Otter Rapids Dam on the Abitibi River.

All images in this post are of the Abitibi River. One of my main destinations on this trip was to visit New Post Falls. In a word – IMPRESSIVE. To my knowledge this the northern most waterfall that a person can reach by automobile. A short 10-15 minute walking trail from dirt road takes you to the falls as pictured below.

The last image in this post was shot from the top of the Otter Rapids Dam looking north. From this location one can only travel further north by train or by canoeing down the Abitibi River. Note in this image that the birch trees, photographed on August 31st, are dressed in peak autumn splendor.

If you close your eyes you can almost see the fur traders heading down the river as they made their way to Hudson Bay long ago.

While driving home, near Gogama, a large Lynx walked slowly across the highway (no photos). I slowed down and watched in awe as this elusive predator disappeared into the forest.

Upcoming posts will feature other photographs from this trip. Hope you enjoy these first few that were processed during a lazy day of reviewing my images from the trip.

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